Tree Maintenance Programs

Diamond Tree Experts understands that caring for trees is both a science and an art, and that’s why we offer tree maintenance programs in various parts of Utah.

The generally accepted resource for the science of caring for trees is the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture).  Most all technique and biological information is critiqued and approved by the ISA.  All experts follow the standards that are approved by the ISA, and these standards can be considered the science of tree care.

We set ourselves apart in the industry and other Utah tree maintenance companies through the art, or implementation of the science.  The needs of each tree are determined by many factors including the species, current health, structure and location.  As we decide what cuts to make and how to care for each specific tree, we are paying special attention to four things:

  1. Safety
  2. Health of the tree
  3. Maintaining the function of the landscape and tree
  4. The overall aesthetic appearance of the tree

Trees are beautiful and contribute to the landscape in so many ways.  As beautiful as our trees are, they must be safe for us to spend time around.  This is our number one concern and we are the experts you want managing the safety of your trees.  Your trees will be safe when we care for them.

The health of the tree is such an important factor.  You want your trees to be around a very long time.  In order for that to happen, you need us as your expert to determine what care is needed for the tree.

Frequently trees will have functions other than just to provide shade and height to your landscape.  We understand this concept.  Likewise, we understand that, at times, trees can grow beyond the original expectation when they were planted, and impede on the function of other parts of the landscape.  The idea is to be able to maintain the function of not only the trees, but also the different elements of the landscape, and as an expert in tree care, Diamond Tree Experts will take into consideration both the function of the tree and the surrounding landscape elements.

Your trees must look nice.  This is the first and last thing we consider when determining the proper care a tree needs.  We are experts at balancing the previous three considerations and still keeping the trees we work on aesthetically pleasing.

These four considerations—safety, health of the tree, function and appearance—coupled with the science approved by the ISA are the foundation for our tree care.  These elements together create a tree care program that will result in trees that will grow, thrive and look beautiful year after year.

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