Crane Tree Removal

At Diamond Tree Experts, we specialize in crane tree removal.  We don’t use this for every tree removal project, but when necessary this method offers significant advantages over traditional tree felling techniques. 

We choose this advanced approach for tree removal because it ensures efficiency, safety, and precision when removing trees from your residential or commercial property. 

There are times when the tree job is in a tight location or can’t be accessed by our regular equipment. 

For example you might have a large, aging tree dangerously close to your home. Using a traditional tree removal method could pose a risk to your property and the surrounding area. 

In some cases, a 50-ton crane might be sufficient for removing a small tree. However, if the tree is in a difficult-to-reach location, a larger 100-ton crane might be necessary. For trees that are 80 feet tall or more and further then 150 ft from access, a larger 115 ton or 130 ton crane may be required. 

Another example is when you have a commercial property with several large trees that need to be removed for a new construction project. 

Traditional methods might require extensive damage to nearby grounds harming the landscape and causing delays. 

By using crane tree removal, we can safely and efficiently lift and remove the tree in sections, minimizing the risk of damage to your home, landscaping, and nearby structures.

Crane tree removal allows us to quickly and precisely remove the trees with minimal impact on the surrounding area, ensuring your project stays on schedule and the property remains in top condition.

What Is Crane Tree Removal?

Crane tree removal involves using cranes to lift and remove trees piece by piece instead of felling them in one or a few large sections.

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Combining the skill or our trained crews along with our heavy machinery allows tree removal without damaging nearby vegetation or structures.

The Basics of the Process

A successful crane tree removal project hinges not only on the crane but also on the proficiency of the crew operating it. At Diamond Tree Experts our team goes through hours of training to ensure that safety and care is practiced in all aspects of the job.

We start the tree removal process with cranes by securing the crane at a strategic location.

The crew then attaches the crane’s hook to different sections of the tree, enabling accurate cuts and lifts.

The removed sections are then safely lowered to the ground for further processing or disposal.

Top Five Reasons for Crane Tree Removal

1. Safety First 

Cranes allow for the precise removal of tree sections, reducing the risk of accidents and damage to your property. This method ensures that both our team and your surroundings remain safe throughout the process.

2. Time Efficiency

Using cranes speeds up the tree removal process significantly. Large sections of the tree can be lifted and removed in one go, making the job quicker and less disruptive to your daily routine or business operations.

3.  Minimal Ground Impact

Cranes help preserve your landscape by reducing the need for heavy machinery on the ground. This minimizes damage to your lawn, garden, and other outdoor features, keeping your property looking its best.

4.  Reach and Flexibility

Cranes can access trees in challenging locations, such as those near buildings, power lines, or in tight spaces. This flexibility ensures that even the most difficult-to-reach trees can be safely and efficiently removed.

5. Long-Term Cost Savings

While crane tree removal may have a higher initial cost, it can be more economical in the long run. The reduced risk of property damage, lower labor costs due to faster removal, and minimal landscape restoration needs make it a cost-effective solution.

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Is Crane Tree Removal Expensive?

While opting for crane tree removal might appear costly upfront, it can actually be economical in the long run.

Traditional tree removal methods can often involve extensive cleanup, potential property damage, and increased labor costs due to the complexity and time required. 

With crane tree removal, the process is faster and more precise, significantly reducing the risk of damage to your property and the need for extensive repairs. 

Additionally, the efficiency of crane tree removal minimizes the disruption to your landscape, saving you from costly landscaping repairs and preserving the overall aesthetics of your property.

Top Factors Influencing Crane Tree Removal Costs

Estimates typically account for multiple elements, such as:

  • Tree size and type: Larger trees require a more intricate setup and longer removal durations.

  • Location and accessibility: Easily reachable trees incur lower costs compared to those situated in remote or tricky spots.

  • Disposal requirements: Fees associated with stump grinding, debris removal, etc., contribute to overall costs

Additional Considerations

It’s also good to consider some other stuff beyond just pricing.  Some factors you should consider when choosing crane removal services include:

  • Is a permit required for tree removal on public property?
  • Savings on potential property repairs arising from lesser-controlled removal strategies.

  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal following professional cleanup efforts post-removal.

  • Pace of job completion reduces lost time efficiencies related to extended disruptions.

Choose Diamond Tree Experts for Your Crane Tree Removal Jobs

While crane tree removal may seem more expensive initially, it offers long-term economic benefits by reducing the risk of property damage, minimizing cleanup costs, and preserving the aesthetics of your landscape. 

At Diamond Tree Experts, we bring 56 years of experience in tree removal in the Salt Lake City area, ensuring that you receive the highest level of expertise and care. 

Trust us to handle your tree removal needs with the efficiency, safety, and precision that only decades of experience can provide.

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